Dr. Joe Piazza is a NeuroStructural Chiropractor and served the Aurora/Newmarket, ON community for over 16 years. As his life moved through different seasons, in 2018 he chose to move from the Toronto area to practice at The Happy Spine in Ottawa.

Dr Joe believes that: “we have been designed to adapt, grow, and evolve with an infinite number of changes in our environment. The secret to good life lies in accessing useful strategies to move with the changing experiences of our lives. We all possess all of the resources we require; we simply need to learn how to access them successfully.” He is passionate about teaching these strategies through advanced healing workshops both in the office, and in conjunction with other practitioners around Ontario. Dr. Joe also enjoys producing audio and video content on wellbeing.

When Joe’s not in the office, he enjoys golf, alpine skiing, cycling and hockey, as well as enjoying more relaxing pursuits such as reading (especially science-fiction and fantasy, quantum sciences, and personal growth) and crossword puzzles.